Looking to trade for Baseball RC's/guys in my sig or will sell


5.00 star(s)
I have these football that I would like to get rid of for either paypal, or guys in my sig:

2006 SPX Swatch Supremecy AJ Hawk white jersey
2007 Donruss classics Saturday stars game used jersey AJ Hawk #233/250
2009 Leaf Rookies and stars game used auto LeSean McCoy #041/100
2011 SP Authentic game sed Patch/auto Shane Vereen #619/699
2011 Topps platinum RC Auto Prince Amukamura #1672/2175
2011 TTT triple game used/auto Grag Little #38/50
2012 Absolute David Wilson triple patch auto # 9/25
2013 Topps auto Jason Pierre-paul`
2014 Score Franchise Fabrics Patch/auto Victor Cruz
2014 Inception RC oversized blue patch Odell Beckham Jr#129/215
2014 Panini rookies and stars auto Odell Beckham Jr RC
2014 Panini Spectra Oversized blue jersey Gold RC Odell Beckham Jr #08/25
2014 Bowman Sterling red/white patch auto Odell Beckham Jr #73/75 RC
2015 Panini Prstige past and present dual game used Odell Beckham Jr #064/149
2015 Topps Valor Game used patch blue/white Odell Beckham Jr #283/289
2017 Certified Freshamn fabrics dual 2-color patch auto Evan Engram #146/299
2017 Majestic patch auto Evan Engram #026/199
2017 Donruss Signature marks Evan Engram auto
2017 Panini Rated rookie auto Evan Engram
2017 Panini preferred Silhouttes oversized patch/auto Wayne Gallman #66/68
2017 Panini Origins gold signature Wayne Gallman #09/25
2017 Panini Immaculate triple game used auto Evan Engram #66/99
2017 Panini gold standard triple game used/auto Evan Engram #03/75
2017 Panini Spectra bubble refractor dual patch/auto Davis webb/Evan Engram #15/20
2017 Panini preferred booklet dual game used OBJ/Evan Engram #3/199
2018 Panini Game used patch/auto Kyle Lauletta #060/125