Medium Flat Rate box for sale, CHEAP! 2012-2015 Baseball!!


5.00 star(s)
I have a ton of cards I'd like to move and wouldn't be expecting too much. These common boxes were found at my dads after he passed. Most cards are from 2012-2015. There are no inserts or stars, and are mostly commons, minor stars, rc, etc. These are great lots for autographers, set builders, or just to give to kids to play with. Again, wouldn't expect too much for a box full and probably have 4-5 boxes full. $18 dlvd. sound fair? Again, the majority of the lot would be from 2012-2015. These years will make up 75% of the boxes. The remaining 25% will be from other prior years.

I also have a box full of low end inserts from the past 20 years, mixed with baseball and football. If you are interested in that, PM me so we can try to work out a price. No idea what to charge - only looking for 1-2 cents a card or so and about 2000-2500 can fit in a box. These low end inserts/parallels include the Topps Town, Leaf Black Golds from 1992, stuff like that. Many book $1 or more. How about $32 dlvd. for a box?

Just throwing this out there to clear some space and try and make some cash for my mom.