Mets Auto/Game used Lot For Trade

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Polar Bear 67

5.00 star(s)
02 UD SPX Duek M Pizza Grey Jer/R Alomar W/Jer WM-PA
92 Front Row Tom Seaver auto #815/5000
05 UD Classic Seasons Dwight Gooden Auto CS-DG
01 Topps Gold Label Grey Jer D Gooden GLR-DG
05 UD Post season W/Jer D Gooden PP-DG
05 Fleer Classic Clippings Cut of History W/Jer Daryl Strawberry CH-DS
05 UD SP Classics Careers W/Jer Blue Pin daryl Strawberry CC-DS
04 Matinee Idols Jumbo Grey Jer T Seaver MI-TS
11 Topps Tier 1 T Seaver Bat TSR-47 #126/399
11 Topps Tier 1 T Seaver Duel grey Jer TSR-49 50/99
05 Donruss Classics Singles Bat Gary Carter CS-18 #25/50
02 Fleer October Legends W/Blue Pin G Carter
04 Fleer W/S Blue Jacket Series Stitches G Carter SSRC-GC
05 Playoff Prime Cuts MLB ICons Grey Jer G Carter MLB-17 36.150
95 Playoff Stripes Rickey Henderson Duel Black Jer/Grey Jer #C21 #45/250
08 Topps Sterling Auto 8 Pieces of Bat and Jerseys Duke Snider 6/10 4S-MA=21
Polar Bear 67