Miami Marlins Rookie Card Want of the Day - TRADING IN YOUR FAVOR!!!

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Trying something new to stir up some trades...

Every day on this thread I will post one of my most wanted cards for my Miami Marlins rookie card collection. This will be a mix of low, mid and high-end cards, so please check back daily! If I get a response in regards to a trade for that particular card on the day posted, I will trade in your favor.

Please only respond to this thread if you have the card posted. If you have another rookie/first year item you think I may be interested in, please PM me.
Please, DO NOT offer me non-rookie/first year items, or you will be ignored.

Monday, February 29 Want of the Day:
2010 Topps Sterling Mike 'Giancarlo' Stanton RC /250 #103 BV $40 TRADE $50