Muscular Dystrophy Benefit


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Mods - If this is not allowable, please be kind to me and consider the cause. I'm sure we're all familiar with Jerry's kids. I've offered to do "some time" to help out. Any additional contributions are truly appreciated.

Thanks to all


They're coming to take me to jail!
I am going to be locked up for "good" at the MDA Lock-up to help out Jerry's
My jail time is getting closer and I still need your help! I am still quite a
ways from my total bail! My goal is to get my full bail raised before I'm to do
my "TIME" for the Muscular Dystrophy Association so I can be granted early
release for "good behavior". Please don't let me rot in jail!

Click here to bail Scott out!

Don't forget...all donations made are 100% tax deductible. Click on my personal
link above to make a secure online donation. It only takes a second and will
make a difference in the lives of local families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

My bail is used in our LOCAL community!
The following are services that MDA provides and ideas to consider when you are
deciding on a donation:
$30 Flu shot
$74 One minute of research
$100 One support group session
$150 One occupational, physical, respiratory or speech therapy consultation
$300 Professional fees related to initial diagnostic work-up at an MDA clinic
$500 Annual repairs of durable medical equipment
$800 Week at MDA summer camp for one child
Thank you for helping Jerry's Kids!