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I have done some customs over the past few years, and wanted to post a few here for your viewing pleasure!

Most of these I have sold or given away in contests right here on the Bench, I enjoy the fact that others get to enjoy my work in their collections!

My first ones were several from Ed Mickelson, a true gentleman of the game, and a local St. Louisian:

Another set I made was from some old Celtics:

Added Parish TTM:

This Palmer/Nicklaus custom was one I made from two items I collected for my Dad. I sold this one after he passed to help with funeral expenses:

This one is probably my favorite that I sold, I mean, who doesn't love Darth Vader, and who doesn't know James Earl Jones??

David K, our contest hero, won this one in my giveaway!

Photo is grainy, but a fun 1/1! Adam is a true future HOFer, a really clutch kicker, one of the best of all time, and probably the best of our modern era.

Have made several of these with real baseball leather: Mark Gubicza:

Andy Benes:

Terry Kennedy, with a piece of my Giants cap...made this one when my favorite free cap ripped in the back, I love the '89 Giants, really the team that got me into baseball, and we had great friends from SF who got me big into collecting in the late 80s!

One of the ones I felt came out the best, in an 8x10 frame:

My two favorites (my wife and I met, got engaged, and were married at U of I, Nathan was an exciting QB during his time there! We saw him play many times.)

This is the ticket from my first ever MLB game, with my beloved Grandparents, signed by Jamie Moyer, who went a complete 9 innings and struck out 9 for the win!

Thanks for the look, and God Bless!

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