My daughter's substitute teacher...

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Mar 3, 2009
Western PA
Usually my daughter brings home fundraisers and homework to go over but yesterday she brought me home an autograph from her substitute teacher. Her math teacher yesterday was former Yankees and Braves pitcher Matt DeSalvo. We live in his home town (New Castle PA - same town as Pirates legend Chuck Tanner) and in the school district that he graduated high school in 1998.

She got him to sign a piece of notebook paper. According to the internet, he is affiliated with the Marlins so he might be heading down to Spring Training soon...but my daughter that it was cool that her substitute teacher was famous!

That is better than a fundraiser for overpriced magazines and candles....
I have Matt on a card (personalized) and on a Eastern League baseball. WE both went to the same college, just that I went many years prior to him arriving on campus. Last I heard he had been with the Durham Bulls.
"TTD" -- love it.

Definitely other ex-MLers out there who sign through high schools where they now teach/coach. Dan Schatzeder and Dave Telgheder both immediately come to mind, and I just sent to Steve Bieser at his school as well.
Thanks for the kind words everyone...she was thrilled to show it to me when I got home from work yesterday.

I might send an 07 Allen and Ginter with her to keep in her locker...just in case he subs again :)

Gary Anderson (Steelers K) once came to my school to speak but I was never lucky enough to get an autograph from a teacher.
that's cool, Chad Curtis (hit a walkoff HR for Yankees in 99 WS) use to be at my school every week and help out the speed and strength classes, usually on games day. Now he is teaching at a Christian school in the Grand Rapids area. So its not completely impossible to see former players teaching. There use to be someone else, wanna say a former NBA player that taught for a while somewhere in the area also. Wasn't a big name but was someone most people would probably recognize though.
I heard Kevin Pittsnogle (former Celtic briefly) is now teach somewhere. I have a Rookie GU for him and I'd like to get that address if I could. Great success and thanks for sharing!
I just completed and also have an active trade for two of his cards right here on the Bench, weird!

Cool story!