My Game-used Hossa Stuff


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I just picked up a new favorite Peice to my Marian Hossa collection, it may make some Hawks fans jealous now but not sure. I'll start with the oldest stuff to the newest. (price also in the same order)
Used in the Playoffs of 2008/2009

Used in the Stanley Cup Finals of 2008/2009 vs. the Penguins

And the newest and my favorite so far and also used in the Stanley Cup Finals:

Everything was purchased by me from Hockeytown authentics or from Joe Louis Arena all have COA and hologram from Hockeytown Authentics. Just picked up the helmet opening night, thankfully I was the first one in the arena and first into the shop. What a great way to end my vacation (I went to Stockholm for the premiere) then to opening night.

Sorry for the huge pics, didn't resize them correctly.


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Being a Wings fan I have to say those are awesome! To bad we lost to the ducks :( Hopefully we win this year!