My Greatest Success Ever. No Joke.

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Aug 30, 2005
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I'm going to give a teaser then give you one of the greatest returns I've ever had.

First, Tom Wieghaus 1/1 2 weeks


Next, a trade with Jim. Two very tough Astros, Nate Colbert and Mike Ivie.



Finally, my greatest return ever.

There are some guys that you send a TTM request and know you'll never get it back. Now, when that guy has not signed for anyone in almost a year TTM, has a 16% TTM return rate, NEVER signs baseball cards, AND is a future HOFer...well, you know you won the lottery when you get him back.

Without further ado, I present a slightly smudged and highly fantastic example of Mr. Randy Johnson. c/o home 3 weeks.


I must admit that I did something VERY different for this TTM request. I will share what I did with anyone that wants to know but you must PM me and must be fine with waiting two-three weeks before I tell you. I want two fellow collectors that I will PM personally to get their requests in first.
I'm not going to lie - that's stunning. :D Makes me hold out hope that a few of the big ones I sent out a while ago will still come back...

that is awesome PM me with the story Randy Johnson is an amazing pitcher
RJ, even in blood red, is good to have. PM me after "the waiting time" has passed.

I did the exact same thing with the Tigers AFAC for a few members here before the news got around.
So, Tom Weighaus WASN'T the big surprise!

You know, Weighaus was one of the best I ever saw at blocking the plate. He really was a tough catcher.

Those are some awesome successes, Billy! I'm envious of the Johnson success. That is VERY VERY cool!
my jaw just hit the keyboard when i seen the johnson, congrats on the awesome pick ups!!!