My Greatest Success Ever. No Joke.


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I'm going to give a teaser then give you one of the greatest returns I've ever had.

First, Tom Wieghaus 1/1 2 weeks

Next, a trade with Jim. Two very tough Astros, Nate Colbert and Mike Ivie.

Finally, my greatest return ever.

There are some guys that you send a TTM request and know you'll never get it back. Now, when that guy has not signed for anyone in almost a year TTM, has a 16% TTM return rate, NEVER signs baseball cards, AND is a future HOFer...well, you know you won the lottery when you get him back.

Without further ado, I present a slightly smudged and highly fantastic example of Mr. Randy Johnson. c/o home 3 weeks.

I must admit that I did something VERY different for this TTM request. I will share what I did with anyone that wants to know but you must PM me and must be fine with waiting two-three weeks before I tell you. I want two fellow collectors that I will PM personally to get their requests in first.


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I'm not going to lie - that's stunning. :D Makes me hold out hope that a few of the big ones I sent out a while ago will still come back...



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RJ, even in blood red, is good to have. PM me after "the waiting time" has passed.

I did the exact same thing with the Tigers AFAC for a few members here before the news got around.


So, Tom Weighaus WASN'T the big surprise!

You know, Weighaus was one of the best I ever saw at blocking the plate. He really was a tough catcher.

Those are some awesome successes, Billy! I'm envious of the Johnson success. That is VERY VERY cool!


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I don't want to send to Johnson, but you have me curious as to what you did that you believe made this happen. I'd like to hear the story.