My Little Corner


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When my girlfriend and I moved a few weeks back. We at first was looking at a 3 bedroom apt because between my cards, fishing gear and firearms. I can fill a 2 bedroom place alone. I have cut my fishing gear in half though, down to only 5 bass rigs and 4 panfish rigs.

Anyways, I ended up with half the bed room. When we moved we found this little book shelf, I knew exactly what to use it for. And adventually Im going to attempt to build a few similar to it.

Tops Shelf-Bobble Heads & Misc. Stuff

2nd Shelf-A few TTM & Cert. Auto's Including my lone Chris Heisey card

3rd Shelf-2010 Topps Finest Drew Stubbs RC/AU includes 2 Refractors

4th Shelf-Reds TTM Autos Don Gullett 72, stack of 90 Reds, Former Reds, Current Reds. Adventually Id like to get stands, and make a shelf just for TTM autos. We will see.....

The little metal thing you see on the bottom shelf. Is a light fish aqurium thing my 4 year old use's when we slide his matress in the room when we have him.

A seperate wall shelf. Contains 3 Gants, Brett RC, and Ripken FF

Id like to put a peice of plexi glass on the book shelf to keep it somewhat safer. No Rolen stuff displayed yet, waiting to feel the room out. Basically what will my girlfriend let me get away with.