Need 20 more to complete my 1978 Topps set


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I am down to only 20 more!

I am looking for VG+ at a minimum on these, no creases, no bends, no major corner issues, no missing paper, no holes and NO WRITTING!

I have received a few cards that were described as NM but then had writting on them which I will not keep cards in the collection that have writting. I may be able to deal with small issues in the other conditions, but writting will not be kept.

I have knocked out most of the big names (except the Murray and Molitor RC), so hopefully these can be found laying around in people's extras.

This has now become my number one collecting priority as I am so close to the end on this one.

1978 Topps needs

#36 Eddie Murray RC
#45 Mark Fidrych
#60 Thurman Munson
#96 Orioles Checklist
#151 Milt Wilcox
#173 Robin Yount
#189 Tommy Lasorda
#192 Padres Checklist
#205 Victory Leaders (Carlson/Doltz/Leonard/Palmer)
#292 Gene Richards
#302 Cubs Checklist
#315 Mark Belanger
#360 Mike Schmidt
#423 Dave Rosello
#451 Twins Checklist
#479 Cardinals Checklist
#560 Dave Parker
#632 Rowland Office
#659 Rangers Checklist
#707 Rookie Shortstops (Klutts/Molitor/Trammell/Washington)

Let me know what you have and the type of stuff you would want in trade.


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Have these:


checklists unmarked, slt crease on 302, others all at least EXMT.

Looking for wantlist hits, Posey/Bonds/various SFGiants, Topps 205/206 minis. Tks, Jim


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The only card I have off of your list is:

2019 Archives #301 Aaron Judge SP.

I could come up with some Giants cards, but don't think I would have anything spectacular.


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Hey Dashcol,

If you wish to e-mail me at [email protected] I can send you not only my entire inventory on the 1978 Topps Bseball set (or any other that you may have goin), but also my own want lists. Of course should we agree on a trade we can post it here at some point. Just mention in your e-mail this post so I know what we are talking about as I have a lot of things going. Thanks