Need 2016 Archives METS. Not Buying ANY!


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Decided there were not enough Mets in the Archives product so I figured I'd just try and trade for the Mets. I don't have any so I need them all. LMK what I can help you with in return. Looking for large trades to start and then fill-in with singles as needed. Thanks, Mike

Archives Mets checklist:
​Base- 3gooden, 11reynolds, 21darnaud, 43wright, 87noah, 92colon, 130seaver, 138grandy, 155familia, 164degrom, 208harvey, 215cespedes, 218franco, 278duda, 283conforto
Fan Favorites Autos- FFA-DG DS
1969 Topps Suppers- 69TS-MH
1985 Draft Picks- 85DP-DS
Topps Originals Auto- Mike Piazza

any others?