need a few addresses after going through my commons


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I've been going through my commons and want to send most of them out...I saw some successes a few years back, but not sure if those addresses are current...any help appreciated! thanks!

Here is a start, I'm sure I'll add more once I find others I can't find current addresses of
glenn davis
mark davis
storm davis
alvin davis


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Glenn Davis: No recent successes

Mark Davis:
8867 E Sierra Pinta Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
No success only pending from him

Storm Davis:
Hickory Crawdads
PO Box 1268
Hickory, NC 28603

Alvin Davis:
7983 Armagosa Drive
Riverside, CA 92508-8713
No successes since 2007, but this addy is also listed:
Martin Luther King High School
9301 Wood Road
Riverside, California 92508

All from star tiger, hope this helps!


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i got mark davis two yrs ago through the arizona royals team address at their complex..he's a pitching coach there. i know levi got glenn davis last year but not sure the addy...


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Glenn Davis
27 Cascade Rd.
Columbus, GA 31904-2806
Here is what I'm sending too I'm following a poster who has the 12