Need help: Trying to acquire $2500 grant for local youth program


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Over the past 3 years I've been volunteering in multiple ways to help support my local youth football program, the Moosic Raiders Junior Football Association. I currently serve on the association board of officers as the secretary, along with being the website webmaster, coach and parent of 11 yr old twins on the football team.
Our website:

I'm in the process of acquiring a $2500 grant to be award by Liberty Mutual Insurance for the football team and part of this endeavour requires reaching out to parents, coaches and friends to complete a 10 question quiz.

If you have 10 minutes to spare continue reading:

Take the following quiz and when prompted, give credit to MOOSIC RAIDERS JUNIOR FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION at:

Some of the Sport Parent Quiz ANSWERS!
The questions are random, here's most of them. You can pretty much guess until you get the correct answer.

When it comes to hydration:
-Children should drink water throughout the day

Targeted cheering includes:
Cheering for opponents when they perform well

The people who are ultimately responsible for winning games are:
-Coaches and players

Responsible Sports Parents teach their kids to Honor the ROOTS of the Game. All of the following are in the ROOTS acronym, EXCEPT:

Which of the following is NOT a principle that Responsible Sports Parents apply in conversation with their children?
-How to Win Close Games

In the ELM Tree of Mastery, ELM stands for:
-Effort, Learning and Mistakes

Yelling instructions to your child during a game:
-Usually is counterproductive

Children of Responsible Sports Parents are more likely to:
-All of the above

If you have a serious issue with your child’s coach, it is best to:
-Seek a private meeting with the coach

To help ensure your children’s safety in youth sports, you should:
-Make sure an adult who is trained in first-aid and CPR is present at all practices and games

To fill Emotional Tanks, the Magic Ratio of praise to criticism is:

All of the following reflect Responsible Sports Parenting EXCEPT:
-Intervening immediately and directly with the coach when your child wants to play a new position

Key to establishing a good relationship with your child’s coach is:
-Making early positive contact

Focusing solely on the scoreboard tends to increase an athlete’s:

Examining your goals for your child in sports can do all of the following EXCEPT:
-Improve the coaches' performance

As a Responsible Sports Parent talking to your children:
-It is important to ask open-ended questions

After you take the quiz, it'll ask you to register and verify your email. Look in your email account and click the verify link, then search and give the MOOSIC RAIDERS JUNIOR FOOTBALL credit.

There's a LOT of hoops to jump thru here, but your time and support are greatly appreciated.

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David K.

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got 9 of the 10 with out any help......why does it ask you to correct your errors? Selected the second answer and got 10/10! Having problems with my computer right now.....using kinko's right computer keeps login me off every few mintues.....pain in the behind. I'll try to verify my stuff so you can get the credit later today. Best regards, David


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Looks like the little glitch with having 2 Moosic Raiders come up is now fixed. The only one that came up for me was yours (the non-Scranton one).