Need help with 2019 Heritage Clubhouse Relics (w/question)


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I've recently "completed" a run on 2019 Topps Heritage & Heritage High Clubhouse Collection Relics. Basically I've got either a jersey or bat for everyone. Realizing in the process that there were several jersey color versions for many/all? players, I then decided to chase them. What I'm having trouble finding is whether or not a comprehensive list of these versions exist. If anyone knows the answer or where to find it please let me know. At this point, all I know is a lot of players have several jersey color versions. I've actually found 3 from quite a few.
So aside from the jersey color versions, do all the positional players have bat versions? I feel yes but not 100% sure. And I'm assuming the pitchers do not as I've not come across any as of yet.
Lastly, if anyone has any to trade or sell let me know. Just specify which version you've got. I'm also in need of ECCR's, ECCR Gold and CCR Gold. These I'm just starting to work on and need quite a few of them. I'm only about 20% through those (depending on how many actually exist).
Any help is appreciated guys,