Need some computer help

Roger G.

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My old scanner broke today,so i bought a used one from a friend,but for some reason i can"t get it to work.Any help would be great.

I'm using Windows 2000 and i have the disc and it for windows 2000,the scanner is a hp psc 1510 all in 1.My computer won't even read the disc.I went to the hp website to download the data,but since i'm on dialup it saying it will take 1500+ minutes to complete.

I don't want to wait that long.Is a shortcut or something i can do to speed this up?

chief wahoo

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My computer won't even read the disc.

It may be that your disc drive isn't operating on "auto run" when a disc is inserted. Try going to My Computer to view the contents of the disc drive. If it shows the files, you should be able to right click on the exe file to start it.