Need some help w/user name & TM

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Jun 21, 2010
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Hi Mods and Bench members-

I am having problems with my user name as many of you have come across in setting up trades with me. The "&" symbol is causing me to appear as an unregistered user when someone tries to post a trade with me. Also when I post the trade and the other party tries to confirm, they get a fatal error message (but the trade still gets confirmed). I am still able to make the trades, but there is a lot of confusing and difficulty. Also, I think this may be affecting my trader rating (as I don't have one and have completed 27 trades now. I am thinking maybe they aren't getting processed properly. I did open a helpdesk ticket regarding this when I first started, but haven't had a response regarding the problems I am experiencing and was hoping someone here could help me. Also, after the above is reviewed I was wondering when my "status" would be reviewed and I could be removed from the new trader list. This may be related to the new trade, but it also won't let me select a sale in my trade manager, even though I have over 20 bench points. I do apologize for the long request and I do appreciate the help that you provide. I understand you all have lives outside of the Bench, so whenever you have a chance can you please review this for me.

Thank you!