Need these cards EX (or better) for mailing.....

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Any help with these unsigned cards would help me out tremendously with my sets, will even take doubles.....

1970 -45D.Johnson

1972 - 553W.Wood 616J.Ferguson 670K.Holtzman 680D.Johnson

1973 - 550D.Johnson 595Gullett 610H.Webb RC 611Wohlford 621J.Ferguson

1974 -45D.Johnson 54E.Sosa 385Gullett 407Wohlford

1975 -57D.Johnson 65Gullett 115J.Ferguson 144Wohlford 145Holtzman 188T.Griffin 294Zahn 345C.Carroll 398Sosa 519J.Todd 521D.Blair 619N.Nyman

1976 -211C.Carroll 221J.Todd 403Zahn 454T.Griffin 642D.Blair

1977 -15Gullett 31J.Todd 39T.Griffin 292Moret 410Montenez 447J.Turner 472pitchers 473 474 477 592D.Briggs 593D.Blair

1978 - 233D.Pole 317D.Johnson 318T.Griffin 387K.Holtzman 399MacKanin 419J.Garvin 488Rupert Jones 615C.Carroll 643House 694E.Sosa

1979 -58Randall 78E.Sosa 106F.Duffy 154Gantner 161Foote 247Ashford 266Willoughby 276Colborn 286D.Dyer 290Lopes 291T.Griffin 293Garvin 298R.Gale 422Rupert Jones 513D.Johnson 604J.Newman 611J.Norris 662K.Bell 667D.Hood 678Zahn 693Rader 699Dues 704Baumgarten/Squires 705Indians 706 710 712 715B.Benedict 717 721 726Giants

1981 Topps -124Garvin 264J.Norris 292M.Squires 314R.Dauer 363Zahn 399OriolesRC 482Gantner 544R.Gale 594P.Hanna

1985 Topps -84 86 441D.Walker x 2