Need to rant about next Door Neighbor !

David K.

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Doe anyone else have a terrible next door neighbor? I came home from working 9 1/2 hours at the office.....My Trash cans that I lefted out for the morning pickup were next to my fench and I started to take them into the backyard.....I notice the can for the lawn cuttings/trees and yard work was I took the other two cans (one for garage and the other was recycle items) into the backyard....I when back to one that was full of stuff and I realized it was my neigbors cutting from his large oak tree with other they picked up my stuff in the morning and later my idiot neighbor decides to full up my trash can!! I dumped the entire stuff on his side and took my empty trash can to my backyard. Thanks for letting me let off a little stream! Best regards, David PS no he did mix my trash can with his....because his was about 3 feet away from mine and his was also full of same Oak tree cuttings! Plus my trash can is numbered with the house address!
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Gotta love them neighbors. Here in NC we dont use garbage cans we just throw trash on the curb:p Just kidding. Always good to let out some venting.
Hope the rest of your night turns out better:)

Take care


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That is just wrong!

We have shared space in our yard waste can with neighbors when there was spare room, but only if we offered first or they were to ask. To just dump them w/o asking you is pretty bold!


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I have had some bad luck in the past with neighbors but mostly it was from apartment buildings, seems like you're always going to have some tool living on your floor, below you or above you. I've even not extended my lease before just to get away from neighbors before.

M's in 2006

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Ouch. He coulda at least given you a Joe Mauer card for the favor the Jerk! :) Good luck. Only gripe with mine is they let their dog run free and I get little treats in my front yard daily! He seems to think my grass is his toilet


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My neighbors are very lazy and they are not social but at least they don't come into our yard. They would not be able to get up the energy to walk 75 ft into our yard and use our garbage can because it takes them five days to bring theirs up from the end of the driveway after the garbage guy comes. Our other neighbors are nice, though. I guess we all run into idiots sometime in our life.


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where do i start...

so my dog got out and was barking by there house at there little dogs well one was so wound up it jumped right through the window...i guess there was blood everywhere and it wasnt a pretty sight... so they come over the next day to our house and say that we have to pay the dogs hospital bill.... the dog almost died so you can imagine how much the bill was.

my neighbor also called the cops twice on my dad one for parking a trailor in our backyard...ticket... and one for parking in the culdiasac...Ticket... and thats where they always park all they do is have partys and smoke weed all day... i asked my dad on there next party if we smell weed can we call the cops but he said no karma will catch up with them


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My next door neighbor got our tax refund check delivered to her door by mistake....................She calls me over and wants a % of what we got; like a finders fee....................She is bi polar, manic depressive, and has lupas.............She is not cool to be around when not taking her meds, which was the day I was asking for MY $3500 US Gov't check with my name on it............Long story short, I finally got it from her after threatening police action...............Should have said it was a federal crime to take other people's mail........................Thankfully the crazy moved!
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