Negro League Player


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On this past Friday, i had the opportunity to meet a player from the Negro Leagues in of all places, Bismarck, North Dakota. I was leaving for Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday with my wife and friends and at the airport i noticed an African American gentleman wearing a coat with patches from all the Negro league teams. I was buying a pop in the store when he came up behind me, i told him that i liked his coat. He responded by thanking me for noticing it, and then we started talking about the teams and some of the players. I then noticed him wearing a Kansas City Monarchs hat, too which he replied he played for them in 1957. This really opened my eyes, as we continued talking, I mentioned that Satchell Paige had played in Bismarck a long time ago, and he replied that he had played with Satchell, Josh Gibson and other Negro league stars when he was younger. I was in total awe, as my wife could tell when i came back over to her, she finally got sick of me talking about him and went over and asked him for a picture. She not only got a picture of him, but of his coat as well, and to top it all off, he took out a replica card that he carries with him and autographed it for me. That was the coolest brithday gift i have ever received, and to top it all off he was the kindest person about the whole thing. When i asked why he was in Bismarck he was flying out to New Jersey to meet Bill White(Former NL President) and Monte Irvin. That was so cool, that i just had to tell someone about it. His name was Samuel Allen and he played for the Kansas City Monarchs, the Raleigh Tigers and the Memphis Red Sox. If i can figure out how to add pictures i will soon