new a few hits here to finish some sets


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howdy all
need a little help here to finish some sets
they are

2009 topps Football

1991 Pinnacle Football
#,s 84, 87

1997 skybox impact
# 228

1997 skybox premium football
57, 60, 79, 111, 114, 170

any help would be helpful
thanks for looking
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Chief, I have 5 of your 1995 Score needs. I have 42, 144, 146, 212 and 269. I am going to check your 1988 and 1989 Topps lists again this weekend and I should have more of those for you.

I also have a couple of brand new football want lists that I'll send you either tonight or tomorrow. They are brand new since I made them last night. I'll be watching the NBA Finals tonight so it'll most likely tomorrow when you get these new want lists.

If you have any other new want lists that I have not seen yet, go ahead and email them to me.