New Trading Policy 1-29-03


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In an effort to keep traders safe from rip-off artists, we have come up with the following policy.

First of all everyone here should use good judgement when trading, if the trade sounds too good ask for references. Honest traders will not get offended (only the crooks do!!!)

Here is what we have come up with for high dollar trades.

Once a trade is in the works and both have agreed on what is being traded. A mediator will be contacted to assist in the trade.
The mediators will serve as a saftey cushion for the trade, both traders send their cards to the mediator insured with money to cover postage and insurance to complete the trade. When the mediator has both traders packages he will open and inspect them to make sure everything is there. He will then pack them back up and send on their way.

As you can see, if someone decides not to send the cards they agreed to, you will not end up losing your cards. Yes it will cost you and extra couple of bucks to ship the card twice, but you can be assured that you will not lose your cards to some crook.

If you are unsure about a trade and want to use the mediator but the other trader doesn't that should throw up a RED FLAG . If this does happen please contact a mediator and we will see why he doesn't want to do it.

Easy steps:

1) Agree on a trade and to use the mediator
2) Contact one of the mediators
3) Ship cards to mediator
4) Wait for your cards to show up

The following members are mediators:

If you choose not to use a mediator you are on your own

Thanks and Happy Trading


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I guess my question is: what constitutes a 'high dollar trade' on the board? $50? $75? $100?

I think this is an excellent idea. Not the ultimate solution, of course (that would be hunting down the offender like a rabbit, and cutting out their hearts with spoons...), but I like it.


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Couple of problems...

Hi Peter,

Basically the idea is good but there is a couple of problems.

First, all the mediator are in the US. So if I trade with somebody in Canada (example Ontario to Quebec) I would have to send the cards to the US and then you would have to send the cards back to the Canada??? Would you have a mediator in eastern and western Canada. What about Europe. Yes the Internet is World Wide and that is why this site is so great.

Second you want me to send my cards insured to the mediator. Insurance in Canada is ridiculous. Ten to fifteen dollars for insurance. Unless I would do a $150 to $200 trade I don't use insurance. After making over 100 trades and saved over $1000 which covers for potential lost that could happen.

Should we work on this new policy. Yes we probably should. Is it necessary??

Thanks for leting me express some concerns.

Jean-Guy Chamaillard
Kirkland Lake (Ontario)


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Jean-Guy, this is only something to help members. Once members from other parts of the world become established they will be asked to become mediators.

I'm not saying everyone has to use it, but it's an option another option I'm giving to our members. I'm sure that if you were trading let's say $500 worth of cards to BenchTrader or Lprimus you wouldn't need to use a mediator. They are both well established in our community and no one will think twice about trading with them. On the other hand if a new member joins and strikes up a trade with your for the same value, Will you feel as comfortable?

Like everything else here, I'm always open to everyone's opinions and comments, cause there is always room for improvement.


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I have to agree

HI: I also have to agree with the person from Kirklake as shipping insurance in Ontario is crazy for cost and for me to ship to the states and then back to Canada just won't work and it will be to costly and customs here is a real joke, my last 5 shippments from the states where all opened and held for 3 weeks. So if you could get a person in Canada to be a middle man for all canadian trades I think we would gladly use this policy but till them your policy will really hurt people trading from Canada, so please look this over and try to work out something for us over here. Thanks "D" Harpoon


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what is trading like?

I'm very new to this "trading" idea. As a kid I traded cards of equal value, and for what I wanted in my collection. It still bothers me that all my cards from those days are gone :( Is that how the trading works here? I have a list of players that I am looking for, but my cards in general aren't worth that much. I just started buying cards again, bought a box of 1989 Topps, 1988 Score and 1989 some wax packs from the early to mid 1980's that really didn't yield cards worth anything (wondering if the packs weren't opened, robbed and resealed).

Mark Wing

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Traders here usually expect equal value in return. Sometimes, traders may trade in your favor because they want to get rid of something or are just being nice people. For example, I have a gazillion 1987 Topps. I am not going to throw them out, but I really don't need a sixth set or a box of 4000 doubles. If someone wanted them, I would be happy to free up some room in my house.

There are a couple ways I get trade bait: 1) Doubles from the sets I am working on. 2) Packs I bought, but didn't take a liking to. 3) Card shows. I will buy something if I think I can trade it. 4) Ebay.

I suggest reading the other FAQs and posting an introductory message in the Welcome to the Bench forum.