Newberg Report, Stars Practice, and TTM!

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys
I went to Arlington on Thursday for the Newberg Report Book Release Party and I saw my buddy CW. It was fun and here's the haul:

The Newberg Report


The inside cover signed by Jamey Newberg, and photographers Scott Lucas and McCall Money


A new custom I made (thanx to CW for printing them out :D) signed by Derek Holland, Tanner Scheppers, and Matt Thompson


Custom signed by Joe Weiland


Tanner Scheppers


I got these from CW. Thanx for your help as always.

Taylor Jungmann Customs


Julio Franco and Lance Parrish


Darryl Hamilton, Bobby Valentine, and Roger McDowell


I went to Frisco on Friday for Stars practice and got this board signed by all but 3 people on the whole team. I got Brad Richards, Jamie Benn, Brandon Segal, Steve Ott, Krystofer Barch, Adam Burish, Mike Ribeiro, Loui Eriksson, James Neal, Brian Sutherby, Tom Wandell, Trevor Daley, Mark Fistric, Nicklas Grossman, Matt Niskanen, Stephane Robidas, Jeff Woywitka, Kari Lehtonen, and Andrew Raycroft. Toby Petersen had his hand wrapped in ice and apologized for not being able to sign. Brendan Morrow and Karlis Skrastins never came went out the back. All in all a great day and I would recommend it highly.



Luis Gonzalez 2/3 c/o Arizona Diamondbacks in 457 (new record long)


Lonnie Smith 4/4 c/o Home in 22 days


Thanx for looking and God Bless!
Awesome dude...I love the Stars sign....were there a lot of people there for practice? I will be there graphing next week :) I can't wait!!
good to see ya, man.great looking Stars piece...what else did you get Wieland Holland and Thompson to sign?or did you give that to your boo? :)

take it easy, bro
Lol. I just got Weiland and Thompson to sign what I posted. I was happy with that and so were they because most people just skipped them to get Holland. Lol. I did give her some customs to get signed tho. She was laughing because quite a few pwople (including me) came up to her and asked for her autograph since her pictures are featured in the book. Lol. Andrew, there were only about 15 people there. It was awesome.
Thanx, Javier.
Truly an awesome haul! Congrats on some fantastic pick ups! I really like the Franco! Good work!