Newcomer looking for some help


I just downloaded that's what I'm trying to figure it out If anyone can message me With Cards they want or teams I could go through my stuff And post it I was on another Card site and spend forever putting all my cards on there And now I regret it I wish I would have put them on here so I could trade But I'll figure it out please help thank you


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Welcome to The Bench!

There are threads in pretty much every category that you can look at to find a list of people's wants.

As far as a list goes, a lot of people use things like google docs, or other sites that allow you to make free web pages. Then you can link to that no matter which site you're trading on.

Here are the want lists for each of the main sports:



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You can move your list from the other site. On the other site, shade the area you want copied and hit CTRL C to copy (this is not a cut). Go to the Bench and open a new thread in the right category and hit CTRL SHIFT V to paste. Those commands seem to work on any site. I don't use mobile however so I don't know about that. In lieu of copying to The Bench, you could also copy to freewebs or other hosting sites. Welcome to The Bench. Dave