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When I first started researching vintage tobacco wolf cards 10+ years ago, the first one that I saw was a 1900 issue. The image on this card has been reused at least 6 additional times that I know of. It has been reprinted on cards from 1900 to 1922. I have been able to acquire most of these issues, except the the original 1900 card. Until about a year and a 1/2 ago. One of the “reprints” that I was aware of, and had seen examples of other cards in the set, (not the wolf though) is a playing card variation also from 1900. 2 of spades, 9 of diamonds etc. to the best of my and a couple other individuals knowledge, this playing card variation set is probably the first ever planned and mass released variation set. Unlike an error variation. Even still, these playing card variations seem to be ridiculously rare. I had resigned my self to possibly one day seeing a photo of the wolf card but never actually owning one. Until pretty much exactly one year ago when one of my contacts in Europe told me that they had an extra copy of the wolf playing card and asked if I wanted it? Umm, yeah sure I guess! So once I had both versions of the 1900 issued cards in hand, I excitedly sent them off to PSA to be graded. Then COVID happened, PSA shutdown, millions of cards backed up and a crazy bottleneck ensued. Now almost 11 months after they were logged in to be processed at PSA I finally have them back!!! Take a look at the first ever (excepted) known printing of this wolf image and first ever (excepted) known planned variation of any tobacco, sport, baseball card ever…
Drum roll please…

I still can’t believe that I have the variation…
… and that they are FINALLY back from PSA!


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