Newest Topps Gimmick Jeter

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Whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired...

Nah, its better than just a regular 'ol short print. 10 years from now people will not remember who are short printed. I am sure this card will be remembered. Gotta add a few things like this along the way to add a little spice to the hobby.
Purposeful errors? Is this paying homage to the history of MISTAKES made in the past. Don't we learn from our mistakes? The reason the originals are so popular is that they were probably honest mistakes that were caught and silently corrected before word leaked out! They were ashamed of their errors in the past. Now they are marketing tools!

Things like this make me a little less proud of my hobby. When was the last time a stamp was purposely made with an error? How about a coin?
Personally, I think this is a dumb idea... purposely-made errors for sp's? I'm not a big fan...
Tom... do you really think that you wouldn't know if I had that card? You seem to be where ALL of my high-end goes.
I hate the Gimmicks! I collect error cards, true errors that slip by. Not these made up scams. I will never on the Jeter copper in that Mantle/Bush gimmick. Its just another hit against the player collector, sub-set/parallel collector and so on.

Is there a parallel to this newest Gimmick?

I respect Mr. Jeter for everything he has done both in and for baseball. However, this is just plain wrong!!!!

But if it sparks some interest in our hobby by those who are not collectors and turns them into collectors, I'm all for it.