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NHL Draft!


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Normally I've been updating a whole month at a time, but I think this deserves its own post...

Wow, what a weekend! 177 sigs, and I probably could have done better.

THURSDAY (Texas Hockey Day Celebration in Farmers Branch)
Marty Turco 2/2
Jamie Benn 2/2
Tyler Seguin 1/2
Brad Lukowich 2/2
Bob Bassen 2/2
Craig Ludwig 2/2
Vernon Fiddler 3/2

FRIDAY (Outside the media entrance)
Louie DeBrusk 2/2
Craig Ludwig 2/2
Randy Moller 3/3

FRIDAY (Inside the arena)
Stu Barnes, 2/2
Bob Bassen, 2/2
Bob Boughner, 2/2
Rick Bowness, 1/1
Sean Burke, 2/2
Randy Carlyle, 2/2
Joe Cirella, 2/2
Shean Donovan, 2/2
Curt Fraser, 2/2
Martin Gelinas, 2/2
Dale Hawerchuk, 2/2
Doug Houda, 2/2
Charlie Huddy, 2/2
Tim Hunter, 3/3
John Hynes, 1/1
Tom Kurvers, 2/2
Nick Kypreos, 2/2
Brian Lawton, 2/2
Jere Lehtinen, 2/2
Claude Lemieux, 3/3
Mike Liut, 2/2
Brian MacLellan, 2/2
Mark Mowers, 2/2
Kirk Muller, 2/2
Darren Pang, 2/2
Scott Pellerin, 2/2
Chris Pronger, 2/2
Daryl Reaugh, 2/2
Dave Reid, 2/2
Joe Sakic, 1/3, 1/2
Glen Sather, 1/2
Andre Savard, 2/2
Brendan Shanahan, 1/2
Mike Sullivan, 2/2
Ron Sutter, 1/3
Kari Takko, 2/2
Dave Taylor, 2/2
Rick Tocchet, 2/2
Pat Verbeek, 1/2
Eric Weinrich, 4/4
Mike Yeo, 2/2 (one smeared)
Scott Young, 2/2

SATURDAY (Inside the arena)
Donald Audette, 2/2
Jared Bednar, 1/1
Jim Benning, 2/2
Rod Brind'Amour, 2/2
Martin Brodeur, 1/1
Eric Cairns, 1/1
Glen Cochrane, 1/1
Murray Craven, 2/2
Stan Drulia, 2/2
Justin Duberman, 2/2
Pelle Eklund, 2/2
Daryl Evans, 2/2
Sergei Gonchar, 4/4
Bill Guerin, 2/4, 2/2
Shawn Horcoff, 2/2
Jiri Hrdina, 2/2
Dale Hunter, 2/2
Mark Hunter, 2/2
Robert Kron, 2/2
Peter Laviolette, 2/2
Dave Lowry, 2/2
Craig Ludwig, 1/0
Al MacInnis, 2/2
Craig MacTavish, 1/2
Todd Marchant, 2/2
Todd McLellan, 1/1
Jim Montgomery, 2/2
Bob Murray, 2/2
Cam Neely, 1/4
Mike O'Connell, 1/2
Mark Osborne, 4/4
James Patrick, 2/2
Mike Ricci, 2/2
Doug Risebrough, 2/2
Christian Ruuttu, 2/2
Glen Sather, 1/1
Brendan Shanahan, 1/1
Ron Sutter, 1/2
Dale Tallon, 2/2
Pat Verbeek, 1/1
Steve Yzerman, 1/1
Photo with Claude Lemieux
Credential pass and lanyard from Paul Holmgren

Saw but missed out on: Kjell Samuelsson, Craig Conroy, Scott Lachance, Thomas Gradin, Tony Granato, Ryan Barnes, Lucien Deblois, Warren Young, Doug Wilson, Wade Redden, Shane Churla, and probably others.

Also, one that I originally believed to be impossible: Tim Hunter DID sign my 2002-03 Fleer Throwbacks card, which he has usually had an embargo against signing for the previous 15 years.


5.00 star(s)
That may be the most anyone has ever done at any event!

Ha! I think my friend Russ got even more. Had I been better prepared and not gone into total overkill mode, I easily could have gotten more. A lot of those guys were signing more than two-per (it was all I carried on most of them), there were a lot I carried who were total longshots that I never saw, and there were plenty I saw that I just wasn't quick enough to get.

I did a full recap on my blog as well: http://dfwautographs.blogspot.com/2018/06/nhl-draft-recap-of-three-day-graphing.html