Noticed A Few Strings Of Successes on SCN

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Nov 30, 2009
I noticed on SCN I have seen a few of these successes:
Cain, Matt
1/23/2010 623 days San Francisco Giants 2/2 07AG, 07TR lrg ogd
Cain, Matt
1/23/2010 1012 days Giants park 1/1 Likely my personal record for a wait.
Cain, Matt
1/23/2010 1075 days c/o San Francisco Giants ST 2/2 Blue sharpie- added postage
Cain, Matt
1/22/2010 1012 days c/o San Francisco Giants 2/2 Sent a 2006 Topps '52 Rookie and a 2007 Topps and received them both back signed in black sharpie. Thanks Mr. Cain!
Cain, Matt
1/22/2010 1012 days SF Giants 1/1 2007 Topps Heritage - black
Cain, Matt
1/22/2010 1017 days c/o San Francisco Giants 2/2 signed 2005 topps turkey red and a 2007 topps heritage.
Cain, Matt
1/22/2010 256 days San Francisco Giants 1/1 Matt signed color MLB photo with blue sharpie.
Cain, Matt
1/21/2010 711 days Giants ST 1/1 Matt Cain's SJ Card came back signed perfectly!

Looks like Matt Cain is catching up on his mail. I sent to him on 8/23/08 so about 510 days ago or so. Hopefully mine gets sent back too! The only problem is I have since moved so hopefully the cards are fowarded (crossing my fingers).

The same thing happened with Lars Anderson a few months ago but I got mine RTS No Longer At The Address so I guess I shouldn't be too hopeful (I guess if you at least get RTS you can reuse SASE)