Now on line ordering from Target for 2022 Topps Chrome Blasters Boxs!


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There are pink refractors in the hobby as well. The hobby versions are serial #ed.
Like last year,those are Magenta refractors although they're the exact same color as the Pinks. I was fooled picking up a few of these up last year,only to find out they were #ed.


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Topps released a statement concerning the SP omission (see below):

"Topps' highest priority is our customers, and we want to provide you all with an update. As soon as we became aware of the questions regarding the 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball product, we immediately reached out to the manufacturer to uncover any issues. We now understand that the planned bonus short print parallels of five rookie subjects were incorrectly not included in the collation of the hobby boxes. As the short print parallels were originally not part of the set and later added for an additional chase element, there was unfortunately a technical miscommunication about the product mix in the production process.

For all future shipments of Chrome and for customers that have already purchased product through and hobby shops or breakers that purchased directly from us, we will provide 1 additional 2-card silver pack for each 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball hobby box purchased. The short print parallels will be randomly inserted in these packs. We are working directly with every distribution channel of the product to ensure these packs are properly distributed through the original sellers."