October 2022 Show Off Thread


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who doesn't love pronk!
Gotta be honest here since you asked. My youngest son and I detest him and heres why. After a game that I took my youngest son to we hustled over to the players parking lot. There was a 12 foot high chain link fence there where people would assemble to try to get autographs. This peticular night there was only maybe a dozen or so waiting. We saw "Pronk" open the door to the lot, look around, and quickly close the door. Several minutes later a clubhouse (Im assuming) guy walks out, goes to the giant Denali and drives it up to the door. The plate read "Pronk". Guy gets out, goes inside and "Pronk" quickly got in and sped off. It was Carlos Santanas rookie debut and he came out and signed for everybody who was there. Saved the evening for my son and I.

I realize he has no obligation to sign but I thought it was kinda poopy how he handled it. My son 9 or 10 at the time was pretty upset.


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Just got this in the mail today. I'm a big Smallville/Superman guy and aside from this card,he only has 1 other certified auto and that one runs close to 10 times what I paid for this. "Super" happy to add this to the collection:

52446169845_37c49ea79a.jpgUntitled by Brett Blair, on Flickr


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2009 Topps Heritage Mayo Insert Vlad Guererro Sr. This Mayo set has been difficult to complete. I got the Guererro in Friday, the first one I have seen since my quest started. I stll need Josh Hamilton and Matsuzaka if anyone has one of them.

Vlad Mayo.jpg