Oklahoma City in Omaha

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Jun 12, 2009
Oklahoma City was in town this weekend and I wish I had more stuff for them as they were a great signing team. Anyways here are my results and some pics.

Jarad Saltamachia 2/5 3/3
Brandon Boggs 1/1 (Surprisingly was a cool dude. Heard horror stories about Boggs)
Tanner Scheppers 2/2 (8x10's). Class act and he's gonna be a stud
Chris Davis 2/2
Ryan Garko 1/1
Brandon McCarthy 2/2
Gregorio Petit 1/1

Who signed who I didnt have anything for:
Willie Eyre (Nice guy)
Mitch Moreland
Estaban German
Kevin Richardson
Pedro Strop

Oh man, I need to find one of those Salty A&G cards where he's with the Braves. Thats awesome!

Did you get the Moreland cards out today? I hope he will stop and sign.
Scheppers is sick....... I am very high on this guy!!congrats
Haha what stories did you hear about Brandon Boggs?

My uncle coached him in college.
The cards went out yesterday. Will you let me know when they arrive?

With Boggs I just heard he can be a jerk and rarely signs. That was hardly the case. He was super cool, only signed one but at least he signed and all I had was one card so that was fine with me, and talked with some people to. Was a very cool dude.