Old sportscard magazines - funny stuff!


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Thumbing through an old Baseball Cards magazine and found some things that are just priceless! Not pricing, just hilarious things in the ads.

Starting on the cover:


More hilarity inside:

On John Olerud: "Not since Babe Ruth has a player been so dominant in both hitting and pitching."

"1990 Score: The '84 Donruss of the 90s!"

"As and investment, Juan Gonzalez is the one for you."

"Greg Blosser: Maybe the Red Sox' next great outfielder."

Found one ad selling a 500 HR Club poster autographed by all 11 club members (at that time) for $795 delivered.


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Hey, at least Gonzalez lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, the injuries (or roids) caught up to him and cut his career short by a good 5 seasons. I've got an issue of Baseball Cards with big write-ups on what huge stars Joey Meyer and Sam Horn were going to be.

And a few years later, Frank Rodriguez (the first coming of Rick Ankiel?) was all over the covers and even spotlighted in sets by Front Row and Classic.