On the off chance Garvey is elected to the Hall of Fame tomorrow...

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
I was hoping some of you fine people who get newspapers can clip/save the stories for me. Outside of LA and maybe SD, I would not expect headlines, but who knows. I know in Seattle, the major sports news is usually buried in the back behind local stuff.

I really want to see Garvey in the Hall of Fame, but it could mean a flood of new items that I would feel the need to chase as well.

So, should this become a reality, keep me in mind for ANYTHING new featuring Garvey you may come across.
Located in CA...If He is elected today...should be at least one article about Mr. Garvey.... Good Luck! Twins should be getting a new HOF this week....Bert....Bert...Best regards, David
Looks like the only one going in is Pat Gillick. Not sure that the voting process they are using is really working.