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Hello everyone,

So I sent this redemption in a year and a half ago and just got it today. Does anybody else think this is absolutely rediculous? Also, what's up with reward points? Tell me if this isn't a swift kick in the bean bag....ok do you get these redemption cards in mostly hobby boxes,not always, but mostly I mean you get em in megas and such sometimes too. So they replace a hit from the box for redemption points that you can use to buy mostly junk cards from the past I mean there is good stuff available for a bazillion,kagillion points but as you usually get like 250 points so,to me, they are pointless... you send them in for something that you probably aren't happy with and(here's comes the kick to the beanbag) THEY MAKE YOU PAY INFLATED SHIPPING CHARGES TO HAVE SAID JUNK SHIPPED TO YOU! So not only do you Pay $300+ for the box but you loose a hit from the box and then on top of it all you have to pay even MORE money to have said junk shipped to you. To me this is just shy of criminal. Anybody else think this kind of garbage is unacceptable?


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I mailed in a redemption about a year ago. I totally gave up on getting anything for it. Panini redemptions are junk in my opinion. Should have traded it instead of amiling it in.


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I’d redeem with panini 99/100 times before Topps. I’ve had only a handful of panini redemption issues and been burned multiple times by Topps. Plus panini even redeems or replaces expired redemption in some manner. The panini rewards program is a joke except when they release product-special packs like white sparkles or kaboom. Otherwise, not enough quality cards available on the market.