Paul Brown Stadium Parking help.


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Not sure if any of you have been to Paul Brown Stadium in Cicy but I was inquiring as to the best place to park. As most of you konw I am heading to Cincy this weekend to catch the Bengals /Texans game. I know most of the parking aroung the stadium are parking tickets only. I have been told that a good place to park is over at the Newport Aquariam arcoss the river . I heard it cheaper and they have a shuttle to and from the stadium. If anyone else has any ideas lmk. And make sure on Sunday if you have the game or you have Sunday ticket to watch. I will be in the north ? endzone 2 rows from the feild and about 3 rows over from the goal post .so every xp and fg I will be on camera . I HOPE THE JUNGLE IS READY FOR THE FATBOY.....cause The Fatboy is ready to Rumble in The Jungle!!!!!!


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Hey Randy
Make sure you wear Black and Gold so I know which one you are
. Hope you and the better half have a great time. E njoy it Buddy Boy.


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Yea, definitely park on my side of the river and take the shuttle. Everybody jacks up the cost to park on gamedays. Usually it's $5-$8 to park in the parking garages but on gameday they raise it up to $25 or so. Crazy. BTW if you come across to Newport and park you will be about 45 minutes from my house! I'll be looking for you on the tube.