Player collecters: Facebook Fan Page?


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Are any of you a member or do you maintain a Facebook Fan Page of your player? I was bored and fooling around on Facebook today and noticed Johan Santana didn't have anything set up yet so I made a Fan Club page. I invited a few of you here. Any recommendations on content? All I have is a photo of his, career stats, and a little message saying Spring Training starts soon. I could use some ideas and feedback on how to make it a more interesting page. Thanks.


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I am in no way a fb expert, but I would just basically keep the fan page up to date with whatever big news of Johan there is. I'm a fan of the lincecum fan page on fb and every now and then during the season I would get a mass pm on "Lincey is the NL Starter on the All-Star" or "Lincey won the cy young". A couple of pictures would also be nice.

Tim Carroll

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One idea you can do: Go and make a list of all of the neat highlights in Johan's carrer. Add them whenever that date appears. Kind of like a....."On This Date in Johan History" thing. It would be something interesting and it might keep the fans growing!