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Here's everything I have in 2021 Topps Update of the Astros.

Base: US72 Aledmys Diaz I have 2 of them, US107 Nivaldo Rodriguez, US109 Peter Solomon RC, US139 Jake Odorizzi, US214 Tyler Ivey RC, US296 Garrett Stubbs & US317 Myles Straw

92 Throw Back: T92-22 Justin Verlander
78 Throw back: 70YT-28 Carlos Correa

I'm in need of 2021 Topps Update base card US142 to complete that set. I'm also looking for 2021 Topps Chrome Prismic Power card PP-8 to complete that set.

I'm also in search of any good or top rookies in Topps Chrome from 96 thru 2018, Bowman Chrome from 97 thru 2021. Take note I'm not interested in rookies who never made it, are unknown and are no longer playing do to not being able to make it.

I'm also interested in any Dodger top/key rookies or top/key starters.

Last but not least like everyone else looking for any colored, numbered, autos and relics.

LMK what you may have for trade for the cards you're looking for that I have in Astros.


5.00 star(s)
I have these update cards:
2021 Topps Update Red Foil # US107 Nivaldo Rodriguez (71/199)
2021 Topps Update Black Gold Blue # 15 Alex Bregman
2021 Topps Update Gold # US317 Myles Straw (466/2021)
2021 Topps Update Rainbow Foil # US296 Garrett Stubbs
BV $13

I can use these from you:
2021 Stadium Club 16 Ha-Seong Kim
2021 Topps Series 2 Base Set Photo Variations #552 Ryan Jeffers/blue jsy $10

Please let me know