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While it will quickly become post #11,555, thought I would take a second and mention why I thought it noteworthy enough to publicize hitting this particular post count.

From the day I joined The Bench, I have been fascinated by and kept track of number of posts, number of trades, etc. When I became a moderator several years ago, my ADHD affected brain ramped up what I tracked and followed. A couple weeks ago, prior to the updates that have changed things up a bit around here, I noticed my post count was getting close to a particular Bench members count.

I knew I would match his total, just a question of when - how did I know that, because unfortunately, he isn't posting anymore because he passed away about 10 years ago, shortly after I started here on The Bench. Several members still have notes or avatars that mention him - Fatboycards. I didn't get a chance to trade with him or even have much of a chance to have discussions with him, but by all accounts he was a fantastic guy and a great member and moderator here on The Bench.

Why am I posting about this? I feel like sometimes we forget about things in our past that are worth remembering, and this seemed like a perfect time to remember Fatboycards.

Sorry for the rather out of nowhere post, but sometimes once my brains starts heading in a certain direction, it isn't happy until it accomplishes what it set out to do.


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Thank you for the reminder. Randy was well respected moderator and fantasy player. I'm glad I traded my Johnny Bench RC while he was still with us. He was so thrilled to get it.


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What an awesome post....I had one trade with him, that was about one month after I became a member here, back in early 2007...WOW time goes by so quick

David K.

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I traded many times with Randy Martin (Fatboycards) and He was a great Moderator, Trader and Friend! The special Christmas contest was in his honor! Best regards, David


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Let me tell you about my friend randy
had many of trades with him and we even got together once while i was in pgh he came up from ohio took him to primati bvros for lunch then took him to heinz field got his picture taken in front then went to a pirate and reds game at pnb field
he was one hellva nice friend but the best we had and most of the older bench members would remember our bets on the bengals and steelers games they were so much fun
he may be gone but not forgotten with me