Precipitous drop in 2004-2006 cards (Beckett BV)

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Feb 7, 2009
Has anyone noticed the huge drop in value on many cards from 2004-2006? I was going through my 2004 Bowman Chrome and Chrome Draft, and was shocked. A lot of cards that had been $4 or $6 are now $1 or $1.50. Josh Fields went from $6 to $1.50, but there has been no change in his Topps Chrome Traded RC. *** is up with Beckett? Did they finally get around to updating the Bowman Chrome set? Did they make an error? Is the Topps Chrome Traded set drop coming soon?
Beckett needs to hire some more people. I don't think Chris Olds can do it by himself. I also don't think it's wise to have him as the face of card collecting. He is a mirror image of the comic book store owner in The Simpsons.
Its hard to even go by beckett anymore. I get the magazine and i noticed they are starting to move prices without arrows. Its frustrating to say the least.
On a side note I can see why that josh fields went from $6 to $1.50, he sucks! Some of the older prospects are way overvalued and need to be dropped.
Its like the stock day its up and the next its down! What goes up must come down. Best regards, David

speaking of that it has nothing to do with the post the bench should get a stock... id sure as heck would invest ;)

back to the topic man that stinks because im collecting the 2006 fleer tradition master set (but i cant tell if ur talking about just bowman or not)
There's been a lot of speculating in Bowman Chrome rookies, so naturally when the luster of the players who've been featured for four years or so start to wear off it's going to drop the price big. Look at some of the rookies from that 2004 card class that were hyped yet fell to the wayside: Sleeth, Pie, Milledge, Stauffer, Hughes, and Conor Jackson.
Actually it's not just Bowman cards that have had price changes. A lot of Leaf, donruss, and other inserts from that era have seen frops of 50% or more.