PUJOLS, matt holliday, wainwright.(pix&video)

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You should rename that vid Holliday and Ludwick. ;) And come on now, nothing for Big Mac again? Not even a Big Mac box from McDonald's? :p

Fantastic job!
great job!! which one of the old guys in that video are you again?? :)
dude if you would have told me you would run out of Big Mac I gotta Wheaties box and 70hr Starting Lineup in box just sitting here lol nice day once again, congrats
What??? Not even one heavily produced '87 Topps McGwire??? They only produced one less than infinity that year and you didn't have ONE??? Drock you're slipping. Congrats on the awesome pick ups, my friend!
i am sure many others of us would love to supply you with mcgwire items for you to get signed and mail back to us haha:) great day as usual