Question for Baltimore fans


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The last time I visited Baltimore was in 2012 for The National. The one thing that I regret not doing was visiting Camdem Yards.

I am a HUGE BBQ fan and wanted to visit Boog Powell's restaurant.

Does anyone have a real (not downloaded) menu from Boog's restaurant that they would be willing to trade?

With the COVID I am worried that it may be a casualty of the virus, and I would like to try and get a memento.

Any Orioles fans have an extra?



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I never saw one in all my visits to Camden Yards. I only ever visited the BBQ pit out in Left Center - not sure if I even knew there was an actual restaurant?

Should have gotten Boog's autograph every time I visited, but only got it once, on a ticket stub, that is stashed away somewhere in the collection.