Question: what qualifies as damaged enough for Topps to replace a card?

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Nov 6, 2021
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I bought a box of Bowman Chrome and many of the cards had these... for the lack of a better term... "digital print lines" running down or across the cards... at least 1/3 of the cards had some level of the errors ranging to a small area to literally half the card.

Topps says on their website that they do not guarantee perfect cards, but at least an 8 grade... also says that they do not guarantee that you will get the same card back...

Since the process seems to take so long... I am trying to get my head around what what level of these "digital print lines" qualifies for replacement... and if I am wasting my time (or Topps) in sending these cards in to be evaluated for replacement.

I am curious in hearing of others experiences and recommendations in dealing with these type of card errors.

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I'm guessing print lines that are extremely noticeable won't get replaced.
the thing i do is return where i bought them even if i have to give up nice cards to get the refund
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I had an issue in Stadium Club where there were surface marks on 25% of the cards in the box. I sent 3 of the worst examples with a note that this happened in 25% of the box. Topps did replace all 3 that I sent, but when I asked about all the others, they stated that I would have to send those too. I had determined that it was not worth the cost of shipping. They did also restate that they will "grade" the cards and if they are less than an 8, they would replace.

I would assume with surface issues, they may replace them, but you would have to send them all in, and on top of that, it all depends on what the grade is for print marks. It may not be worth the cost of shipping for the risk. However, if you do have any decent cards, maybe send those in?
I appreciate the feedback...

I hope to have a much clearer picture of how Topps operates when get the cards back that I sent in... but I am not sure how much longer that will be.

I will provide an update to their response, once I get one.