Random LOT Contest....WINNER PEACEANDLOVE (#33)


5.00 star(s)
The contest is for all the cards listed below, plus some extras of your favorite team that I'll toss in.


This contest is free to all members of the bench with 25 trades or more.

Guess a number 1-75.

You only get one guess for the life of the contest.

No editing your number.

If you accidently pick a number that someone already chose, then please repost with the note "I PICK BAD", along with your new number.

Let the numbers begin.

Thanks and enjoy,

2022 Diamond Kings -- Ryan Mountcastle RC #124
2022 Topps Update -- Jarred Kelenic RC #249
2022 Bowman -- Mookie Betts #25
2022 Bowman -- Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #54
2022 Bowman -- Luis Gil RC #72
2022 Bowman -- Edward Cabrera RC #78
2022 Bowman -- Ryan Vilade RC #100
2022 Bowman Chrome Prospects -- Liover Peguero RC #34
2022 Bowman Chrome Prospects -- Pedro Pineda RC #94
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