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Hey guys. I just got back after a 17 hour drive from Arizona last night. The trip was well worth it tho because i got a ton of stuff autographed and I completed a lot of things that I needed to complete. If you ever have a chance to go to Spring Training....GO! It was amazing. Here is what i got from ST...Oh but 1st, it occurred to me that I had never posted a picture of my J.J. Putz from before I left so here that is:

J.J. Putz 2/2 c/o White Sox ST (I think it was about 2 weeks or so)

Here are the Spring Training photos (In no particular Order):

A couple of foul balls I got from Rangers Minor League camp

A super awful picture of the Michael Young autograph I got to complete my 09 All Star Ball (already had Hamilton and Cruz)

I finally got my Milton Bradley that I've been trying to get for almost 2 years to complete my 08 All Star Ball (already had Hamilton, Young, and Kinsler)

The giant Young GU card I had that is now signed :D

The finished triple of Hamilton, Kinsler, and Young

Dave Anderson (1 Trade)

Elvis Andrus

Joaquin Arias GU (he completely changed his sig from a couple of years ago...I'll post a comparison later)

A really ugly pic of 3 Engel Beltres I got (1 is for Chris)

Brandon Boggs

Julio Borbon

Matt Brown (2 Trades)

Endy Chavez

Don Mattingly (my cousin is a Yankee fan so I got it on a Dodger card to make him mad. Lol.)

Shin Soo Choo

Blake DeWitt

Chris Davis

Nelson Cruz (1 Trade) (1 of the 09T All Star cards might be FT if anyone is inteested)

Max Ramirez (Yes Andrew...I'll entertain offers for it. Lol.)

Frankie Francisco

Mark Hamburger...and...whats a Hamburger with out the Fry? Eric Fry...All I need now is Phil Coke and I'll have the whole meal :p

Darren Oliver (At least 1 Trade)

Warner Madrigal

James Tomlin

Chris Gradoville and Rusty Greer

Geoff Geary and Esteban German

Emerson Frostad and Craig Gentry

Neftali Feliz (1 Trade)

Scott Feldman

Jose Diaz and Willie Eyre

Vladimir Guerrero (the one on the left is for my 09 SP Legendary Cuts set)

Toby Hall

and I got back Jason Terry sometime last week while I was away:

Jason Terry 1/1 c/o Dallas Mavericks in about 108 days

Thanks for looking!


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I might start myself my first project now that I saw that Cruz: 09 Topps U&H HRD highlight cards. :)

If you see anything you would like of mine, I can find something that I can use that is expendable. I'm jealous of that Young/Hamilton/Kinsler card, very awesome!


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Some More Stuff

Rich Harden (1 Trade) (It'll be in the mail tomorrow)

My Josh Hamilton army (I ended up getting 12 including the triple and an 8x10)

Matt Harrison (1 Trade)

Corey Hart

Derek Holland (1 Trade)

Tommy Hunter (3 Trade)

Clint Hurdle (the one on the end might be FT is anyone is interested)

Hernan Iribarren (the one on the end may be FT if anyone is interested)

Michael Kirkman and Marcus Lemon (1 Trade)

Colby Lewis (1 Trade)

Ken Macha

Mike Maddux (1 Trade)

Brandon McCarthy (1 Trade)

Mark McLemore and Clark Murphy

Luis Mendoza

Kevin Richardson

Chris Ray

Ray Olmedo and Jurickson Profar (this one was hilarious because I saw one that he signed before this and it was probably one of the 1st autos he signed and it was just printed 'J.PROFAR' and so when he signed mine I guess he didnt think it was fancy enough so he added a little loop thing on the end. Rofl.)

Orbit (The Albuquerque Isotopes Mascot), Renny Osuna, and Neil Ramirez

Darren O'Day

Tim Murphy (one of my fav sigs) and Dustin Nippert

David Murphy (1 Trade)

Guillermo Moscoso (1 Trade)

Guilder Rodriguez, Mitch Stetter, and Ben Snyder

NOLAN RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 1st Time Getting Him!!! :D

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Tanner Scheppers, Justin Smoak, and Jim Sundberg

Taylor Teagarden

Chad Tracy (1 Trade)

Don Wakamatsu and Johnny Whittleman

Ron Washington (2 Trades)

C.J. Wilson (4 Trades on bottom picture)

And just for authentication purposes, here I am with some of the players:
Tanner Scheppers

Tommy Hunter

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Thanx for looking!


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Dude, Nolan Ryan?! Did you catch him around the park or was there an organized signing?

Did you see Mickey Tettleton at all? Or Ruben Sierra... they were supposed to be there as instructors. Sierra might not have been there til today.
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Thanx guys!

I just happened to catch Nolan when he was leaving a 'B Game' and he was about to get on his golf cart when someone called him over and people mobbed him. I was fortunate enough to be at the front of the mob and he signed 4 or 5 when some kid handed him a glove and ball point pen. If there is anything I've learned from getting autographs, it's that being nice usually helps ur cause, so I lent him my Sharpie and Nolan signed the glove and immediately signed my card and then I nearly got killed trying to get out. I have never been squeezed like that trying to get an auto.I couldn't even get out for people trying to get in. But it was all worth it. :D


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No I didn't happen to see Sierra or Tettleton. Rusty told us that there were going to be different guest instructors every week so they must have beenthis week or something.

Trader Rich

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Wow, very impressive.
I am going to the Cub vs Padres this Saturday.
Haven't decided on weather to bring cards. Not really into autos.
I only have about a 20 minute drive.:D



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WOW!!! Those are some amazing cards!!!

I am interested in a Feliz and if available...a Hamilton, Smoak and Choo.



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That's the only Choo I've got and Hamilton is who I collect so I think I'm going to hang on to those but the Feliz and Smoak customs are available.
Let me know if you're interested. :D

WOW!!! Those are some amazing cards!!!

I am interested in a Feliz and if available...a Hamilton, Smoak and Choo.



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Are you talking about the UDX? I could be FT i guess but I wasn't really planning on moving it. But I do have 2 others just like it that i got last season.

If you have another base card like that you would wanna trade then we can work something out that way too :) I have that Hamilton bat card for you too so we can work out some kinda deal. I will check it out and message ya and see what I can try to pry out of ya. Did you ever get Strop or did I just miss those?