Red, White, and Blue Prizms


Bench Warmer
Hello all. Like many of you I am wondering what the next particular craze will be for a specific player or product or both.

I had a thought recently about whether Red, White, and Blue Prizm parallels may increase in value as time goes on and they are more appreciated for their patriotic colors. The parallel looks good in most prizm sets but the 2018-19 set design makes the red, white, and blue really stand out.

Plus when the olympics resume team USA will have its roster down to size and those players could see a boost in their red, white, and blue prizms no?

What are your alls thoughts?


they look really nice with teams like the bills and 76ers but with some teams it looks pretty bad. I get what you are saying with patriotic colors but I don't know about it being the next big craze. Cool thing to think about though. Thanks for posting!