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(long read) So last week I go into my local shop to buy some supplies, mini pages and a few cheap packs more to try and help out the dealer a bit and to try and hit something. I pull out the ole plastic American Flag Visa card and he runs it through. I sign grab my stuff and head home. On the day off didnt go out. Next time Im out I go to grab plastic and its gone! Im going crazy trying to figure out where it is and who took it out of my wallet. I call and find out the last place it was used and it was at the shop. Its been two days so I frantically call and before I could get "Hi this is Shawn..." The shop owner interrupted and says, "I have it" I say "You have it?" Thats all he needed to say. Since the shop is a town over I made arrangements to go the next day.

I go in and he proceeds to tell me that two days after I stopped in a guy came in and bought some stuff and as he was leaving, the owner looked down at the red annual baseball price guide and noticed the American flag visa and started out the door to catch him when he saw my name. Thank goodness for the ole red white & blue camoflauge. That definitely shows HE is honest as he could have charged stuff at the store and claimed not to look at the name since he has no cameras and Im sure not required to reimburse in that situation.

Then you have all the people that came into the store in 2 days and no one noticed it at the register or if they did no one thought of taking it. The dealer has to turn his back to run a card or go into the backroom and that would allow a perfect time to snatch it and run crazy mad through the city charging lots of small stuff without question. With times the way they are you read about people breaking into cars for change let alone a credit card that happens all the time. I just thank my lucky stars the wrong person didnt stray in.

The next time I would sell my dealer short when I dont pull anything and think he is weighing packs or searching boxes I will have to remember he had his opportunity to run up a nice total on my behalf. Im definitely gonna get my next hobby box from him even though I have to pay a few bucks more than ebay. Just shows there are some honest people out there when we try our best to screw up they bail us out and not ask for a cent.

David K.

5.00 star(s)
No fun losing your credit card...but your story had a happy ending! Feels great when your dealing with honest people! Best regards, David