Remembering September 11th, 2001


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Just want to take a moment and remember all of those who lost their lives in the huge act of cowardice that was 9/11. Also all of those who risked their lives to try and save others. I cannot imagine how it would have felt to run up those stairs as everyone else was running down. THAT is the epitome of a hero.

So let's remember the ones we lost, and the family of those as well. I'm sure every year this day is a tough one to face.

David K.

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All of the Federal Offices had a minute of silence on Friday in memory of these who died on Sept 11, 2001. God bless those who losted loved ones and their families! Best regards, David


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They need to rebuild the Towers and I do not understand why they haven't yet.I really think that it would help this country heal.
911 will live with 127 in American History and they are still bringing my fellow Americans home covered in the Flag.A lot of people have died in the last 9 years and I just want it to be over with.

Prayers and Hope to all !!


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I will never forget that day..I was working at Mall at the time..They closed the mall I worked in the movies so they keeped use open as an Emergy place to go..We had to have people posted at the front to make sure no one was stopping in front of the Building..It was crazy we did not know what was going to happen that day..


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My brother and I had made plans to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY that day. Plans were made more then a month in advance. He lives about an hour from me and I remember trying to call him on the way and getting mad because I couldn't get through and didn't understand why. When I got to his house and finally figured it out, my anger turned to outrage and sorrow. As we watched the events of that day unfold and knowing that there was nothing we could do about it, we decided that the only real american thing that we could do that day was to go to the Hall of Fame as planned and spend the day celebrating America's Pastime.

Jimmy Dugan, in A League of Thier Own said "there's no crying in baseball", but I assure you that that day there was and it was perfectly acceptable. We walked the halls, shoulder to shoulder with strangers as if we knew them our entire lives. Looking back at, It was the first experience that showed me that we, as Americans, were as one. It didn't take days or weeks to come together, it was instant.

TV's throughout the Hall were showing news coverage and we would stop to watch every so often, just to make sure that we knew what we were doing and why. It was very surreal, nobody talked much that day, but we all knew what the other was thinking. No words were needed.


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I met someone a few years in a bar who had been in Tower One on 9/11 who now goes around the contry and talks to large audiences about what happened that day. We sat there for about three hours talking and sharing drinks it was a conversation I'll never forget.


chief wahoo

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I flew from Charlotte to San Francisco on business on Monday the 10th. A few of us went to the A's game that night. Little did we know that it would be the last game played until until 8 days later.

I watched all of it unfold from the hotel room the next morning. It didn't take long for the city to shut down. Businesses and restaurants closed up as well as all of the tourist spots. I remember thinking what terrorist targets could there be in SF ... the Golden Gate Bridge? It was weird being stranded in what felt like a ghost town that day.

I was fortunate to fly out on that Friday as originally scheduled. The airport was packed with travelers that had their flights cancelled over the past 3days. I heard stories of business men renting cars and driving back across country to get home to their families. Definitely a surreal experience.