repacked wax break!!


4.90 star(s)
wanted to see what the hype was about, don't really see the allure!!

pack 1--15 cards pr. pack
1997 fleer- 207-sterling hitchcock-mariners
1997 fleer- 312-quinton mccracken-rockies
1978 topps- 382-joe lahoud-royals
1989 score-57-tony fernandez-blue jays
1980 topps-501-rennie stennett-pirates
1990 fleer-90-lloyd moseby-blue jays
1988 donruss-644-tom glavine-braves -RC
1982 topps-84-rennie stennett-giants
1996 upper deck-149-rey ordonez-mets (defensive gems) foil or chrome?
1996 pinnacle summit-16-shawn green-blue jays--foil
1986 topps-398-earnie riles-brewers
2002-upper deck ovation-95-ken griffy jr-mariners-(superstar spotlights)
1983 topps-405-steve rogers-blue jays-(alll star)
1992 donruss-171-tim teufel-padres
1987 donruss-344-curt young-a's
1991 donruss-29-mark lewis-indians (rated rookie)
pack 2
1993 topps-346-chuck mcelroy-cubs
1982 donruss-431-glenn adams-twins
1986 topps-619-danny heep-mets
1996 pinnacle-107-walt weiss-rockies
1992 bowman -card for friend
1980 topps-225-lou piniella-yankees
1992 leaf studio-15-greg maddux-cubs & 193-scott fletcher-brewers
1983 fleer-328-enos cabell-tigers
1992 upper deck-530-joe klink-a's
1985 topps-318-ted simmons-brewers
1984 topps-237-john castino-twins
1976 topps-158t-ken reitz-giants
1988 fleer-627-john franco/steve bedrosian-(super star specials) game closers
1996 pinnacle summit-150-mark lewis-foil
pack 3
1986 topps-465-jesse orosco-mets
1976 topps-344-honus wagner-(sporting news all-time all-stars)
1985 donruss-647-kurt bevacqua-padres
2003 topps heritage 139-joe & jake mauer-twins-short print
1989 topps-46-mark portugal-twins
1992 score-631-wade tayler-yankees
1990 upper deck-346-roberto alomar-padres
1982 fleer-395-milt may-giants
1992 leaf studio-63-vince coleman-mets
1973 topps-471-ty cobb-the all-time hits leader
1980 topps-286-darold knowles-cardinals
1984 donruss-256-odell jones jr.-rangers RC
1988 fleer-53-tom brookens-tigers
1991 topps-544-alejandro pena-mets
pack 4
2003 topps heritage-82-cliff floyd-red sox
1996 pinnacle summit-87-sammy sosa-cubs foil
1996 topps finest franchises-299-jeff bagwell-astros (unpeeled)
1992 donruss-584-michael jackson-mariners
1988 topps-82-rich becker-twins
1980 topps 565-dennis leonard-royals
1984 fleer-74-glenn abbott-tigers
1982 topps-520-mike flanagan-orioles
1983 fleer 389-jerry mumphrey-yankees
1988 fleer-119-lloyd moseby-blue jays
1986 topps 602-mariano duncan-dodgers RC
1987 topps 29-jimmy key-blue jays
1990 topps 622-sid bream-pirates
1978 topps 316-henry cruz-white sox
1992 upper deck 428-shane mack-twins
pack 5 and last hope to see something eye-opening
1993 topps 353-buddy groom-tigers
1982 donruss 443-don sutton-astros
1986 topps 616-glenn brummer-rangers
1996 pinnaccle 118-chad curtis-tigers
1992 bowman 435-wally joiner-royals
1980 topps 579-charlie moore-brewers
1994 upper deck 279-tony gwynn-padres (home field advantage)
1992 leaf studio 204-brian harper-twins
1983 fleer 339-dan petry-tigers
1992 upper deck 541-scott cooper-red sox
1985 topps 329-ron washington-twins
1984 fleer 66-dennis lamp-white sox
1976 topps 601-ken rudolph-cardinals
1988 fleer 87-craig lefferts-giants
1996 pinnacle summit 161-chipper jones-braves (chipper vs matt williams)
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5.00 star(s)
Those look brutal? Were those off ebay? Looks like someone has 5000 count boxes and just grabbed random cards. Hopefully they weren't too expensive.



4.90 star(s)
Those look brutal? Were those off ebay? Looks like someone has 5000 count boxes and just grabbed random cards. Hopefully they weren't too expensive.

it's a company called repacked wax. some collector's have said they pulled cards from 50's through 90's. nice rcs from 70's and 80's