Resent purchases and breaks for trade.

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Just a friendly bump, I want to trade for:

2023 Finest Blue Aqua Vapor Refractors #93 Max Scherzer

Auto RA-KS Kevin Smith

Take a look at my tradelist in my signature and let me know!
I didn't see anything check my want list on one of the posts above.
Smitha how about this?
You get
2023 Topps Chrome Cosmic (Awarded the Chicago White Sox)
Base 29-56-80-104-174-190 1/.75/1.5/3/2/.75 $9

Insert Launched into orbit #LIO-16 Frank Thomas $2

2023 Topps Refractor 93 $3

I get
Alvarez, Francisco
22 Bowman Chrome It Came to the League #ICFL13 $2.50
23 Bowman Chrome ROY Favorite #FOYF2 $4
2022 Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 #BTP27 Francisco Alvarez $2.50
2020 Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 #BTP77 Francisco Alvarez $3
That works. I'll post it up. Thanks, Al
I can send the 644 Alvarez for a few cards of Josiah Gray or players in my list. Just post what you think is fair in a transaction and its yours. Or I can send as a freebie. Chris