Rookies in Hall of Famers for sale


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Good afternoon I have the following cards I would like to sell if anyone is interested or trade preferably cell I would like to do any transactions by PayPal friends and family to save on fees and any small transactions 5 plain white envelope here is my list
  1. 2012 Topps Heritage number 207 * 2 $75 each
  2. 2018 Acuna Jr number 580 Topps heritage * 2 $4 each
  3. 2018 Topps 83 - 13 ACU in a junior $6
  4. 2018 Topps 83 - 4 mookie Bettis $3
  5. 2017 Topps Gallery number 8 Aaron judge $8
  6. 2018 Topps Series 2 number 700 ohta ni $6
  7. 2018 Topps AMG number 100 ohta ni $5
    2018 Topps Chrome number 71 b u e h e l e r prism $6
    1984 Topps Gary Carter number 450 $2. 2018 Topps Heritage number 502 Soto $5. 2018 Topps HMT 55 update Soto $7.
    2018 Topps International Affairs Mike Trout reflector IA_MT $4. Vv. 2018 Topps Stadium Club never compromise Aaron judge NC Dash AJ $4.
    2016 Topps Heritage number 168 NL rookie Stars Corey Seager $3 lot of 100 2018 Topps Heritage base low number cards $4 what 100 Topps Heritage baseball High number cards $6
    t300 mm Topps update base cards no RC cards included $5 all different.
    2017 Topps Bass 250 card Lots $5 very few duplicates. 250 2018 Topps base no RC cards very few duplicates $5. Postage is extra on all single cards at the rate of a dollar for a plain white envelope or $3.68 for a bubble mailer bubble mailer can include as many cards as you'd like except the Lots plain white envelope can include up to four the Lots I will split the postage with you for $2 for each of us which makes the Lots basically $3 a piece these will come in a bubble mailer with tracking any interest in any of these items please let me know and I'll be glad to post up any sales I would prefer to be paid by friends and family but hidden cash is also fine and if you're looking for any other 2016 17 or 18 inserts or base cards were rookies please let me know I probably do have them and would be willing to sell them at a very reasonable price and I do have some in quantity I think everyone very much for looking and I thank everyone very much for the trades that I've made with you have a blessed day thank you


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Hi, I know you want to sell, but if you don't, I would be interested in trading....
2017 Topps Gallery number 8 Aaron judge $8
2018 Topps HMT 55 update Soto $7.

Have these Rays f/t:
2006 Topps Rookie Debut RD-33 James Shields RC
2007 Bowman Heritage -186b S.Kazmir SP(unsigned)
2010 Bowman Chrome Topps 100 Prospects Refractor #TPC43 J.Hellickson 86/499
2011 BOWMAN Platinum #97 Evan Longoria
2011 Topps Lineage Diamond Anniv. Platinum Refractors #31 J. Hellickson RC
2012 TOPPS CHROME Purple refractor -133 D.Price


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I will take these in a bubble mailer. thanks
2018 Acuna Jr number 580 Topps heritage * 2 $4 each[*]
2018 Topps 83 - 13 ACU in a junior $6
2018 Topps Heritage number 502 Soto $5.
2018 Topps HMT 55 update Soto $7.